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Wayne State University is well-represented in state government. The following legislators graduated from or attended WSU and are advocates for the university and its policies.

Not sure of your legislative district? Go to http://house.michigan.gov and select "Citizens Guide" for a link to House and Senate district maps.

State House of Representatives:
State of Michigan
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909

The Honorable Theresa Abed
District: 71

The Honorable Brian Banks
District: 1

The Honorable Fred Durhal
District: 5

The Honorable Harold Haugh
District: 22

The Honorable Kurt Heise
District: 20

The Honorable Andrew Kandrevas
District: 13

The Honorable Klint Kesto
District: 39

The Honorable Eileen Kowall
District: 44

The Honorable Peter Lund
District: 36

The Honorable Rose Mary Robinson
District: 4

The Honorable Rashida Tlaib
District: 6

The Honorable Robert VerHeulen
District: 74

The Honorable John Walsh
District: 19

State Senate:
State of Michigan
P.O. Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909

The Honorable Glenn Anderson
District: 6

The Honorable Ray Basham
District: 8

The Honorable Steve Bieda
District: 9

The Honorable Irma Clark-Coleman
District: 3

The Honorable Jud Gilbert
District: 25

The Honorable Roger Kahn
District: 32

The Honorable Bruce Patterson
District: 7

The Honorable Michael Switalski
District: 10

The Honorable Coleman Young
District: 1

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